Plumtree (Mr.)

Teaches: Plumbing
Major Accomplishment: Formerly the world’s most sought-after Royal Plumber.
Loves: Plums

We have no idea how he got that dent in the side of his head, so don’t even ask.

When he was young

When little Percival Plumtree was just two years old, he was given a plumbing kit for his birthday. It was a simple sink installation kit, with just 112 components.

Within fifteen minutes he’d set it up in his bedroom and it was in perfect working order, even running the hot water faucet. The next day he was given a shower installation kit, and the same thing happened. The shower in his bedroom was now in better working order than the shower in his parent’s bathroom.

By the time he was three, he’d set up his own sink and shower business. By the time he was four, he moved on to full bathrooms.

By the time he was five he was guest-lecturer in the plumbing department at the University of Camford-Bogmarsh, and accompanying the department head, Dr. Patricia Plumstead, on field trips.

From age six till age twenty five he was Head of Plumbing Research & Technology at Camford-Bogmarsh.

Adult life

At age twenty six he left the academic world and set up Percival Plumtree Royal Plumbing Services. He quickly became the world’s most sought-after royal plumber.

He only worked on castles and mega-mega mansions of kings and queens. He was so successful that he didn’t even bother with the castles and mansions of mere princes and princesses.

During this time he plumbed the showers of the Royal palace of Middle-Ostentia, the swimming pool of King Edmond the Gurk, the hot-tub of Queen Jezebel of South-Northern Swottolia, and the waterslide of King Boris McBoris-Boris-Swad-Widge.

At age forty five, when he was about to retire, the ultimate opportunity came up. He was offered a teaching post by Mrs. Rosebank at Swedhump Elementary. An offer nobody could refuse.

And can you guess what Mr. Plumtree’s favorite fruit is?

You guessed it.

Plum Jelly Soda

When Percival was growing up, his family actually had several plum trees on their land. His mom, Clementine Plumtree, was famous for her plum jelly. His dad, Huckleberry Plumtree, was famous for his plum soda.

One day Huckleberry Plumtree was carrying a large vat of plum soda when he tripped, and he spilt it all into a tub of freshly-made plum soda. Clementine was furious but nothing could be done. The tub sat there overnight, but the next morning, on his way to school, Percival took a quick taste and it was delicious. His parents had invented plum jelly soda. Percival started bottling it and selling it to his friends, which paid for new plumbing equipment. Plumtree Plum Soda is still sold in high-quality stores to this day. You should try some. It’s delicious! The original tub in which the first batch was accidentally mixed, can be found in room 77,549 at the Sniffsonian.

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