NAME: Dash
COMMENT: Savior of the universe. Hates it when his breakfast (the most important meal of the day) gets disturbed.

NAME: Rob Newman
COMMENT: Dash’s best friend.

NAME: Gronville Honkersmith
COMMENT: Meanset boy in the school.

NAME: Greta Gretchen-Hoffer
COMMENT: Champion face-puller. Has a secret crush on Dash.

NAME: Jeanjean-Jeanjean Johnson
COMMENT: Twin sister of Jonjon-Jonjon Johnson. They’re always fighting.

NAME: Jonjon-Jonjon Johnson
COMMENT: Twin brother of Jeanjean-Jeanjean Johnson. They’re always fighting.

NAME: Shereena Aska-Lonka
COMMENT: Extremely clever.

NAME: Collum Ollum
COMMENT: Naughtiest kid in the school. Good friends with Dash.

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