NAME: Mrs. Hogmanny-Hog-Mahomm
SUBJECT: Vegetables
COMMENT: It is said that she speaks over 300 different vegetable languages. She is also famous for having grown Carrot 27b, the world’s largest carrot.

NAME: Mr. Grodzinski
SUBJECT: Physical Education/Wobble Ball
COMMENT: Current wobble ball World Champion. Rumoured that he is totally bald but wears a wig, and has a tattoo of a dancing aardvark on the top of his head.

NAME: Mr. Darling
COMMENT: Weirdly strict. Obsessed with his pinkfish, and every day, during recess, he takes them for a walk around the school yard and then usually reads them a story. He also loves to take them hiking, and to the beach.

NAME: Mrs. Tadros
SUBJECT: Science
COMMENT: Known to spend entire weekends in the science lab, bubbling up new
concoctions, and is famous for being able to make all kinds of perfumes.

NAME: Mrs. Belch-Hick
SUBJECT: English
COMMENT: She’s a bit weird, and has a cat called Dog.

NAME: Mr. Hogsbottom
SUBJECT: Paper Airplanes
COMMENT: Also works part-time as an astronaut and has been to the moon twice.

NAME: Mrs. Zhonst
SUBJECT: Face-Pulling
COMMENT: Won the World Face-Pulling Championship which was held at the Timbuktu Zoo in 1972 (it’s true).

NAME: Ms. Woodhouse
COMMENT: One of the world’s most respected jump-splodge painters

NAME: Dr. Williams
SUBJECT: First Aid
COMMENT: Has some of the world’s most fancy medical equipment and also happens to be one of the world’s most famous ant breeders.

NAME: Mr. Plumtree
SUBJECT: Plumbing
COMMENT: Formerly the world’s most sought-after Royal Plumber. We have no idea how he got that dent in the side of his head, so don’t even ask.

NAME: Mr. Proudfoot
COMMENT: Famous for his rain-dance, which ALWAYS works. World Rain-dancing Champion in 2018 (everyone actually had to evacuate the stadium on boats because he was so effective). For health & safety reasons he is forbidden from doing his rain dance on school premises.

NAME: Mr. Ibis
SUBJECT: Bicycle-building
COMMENT: World famous for having won the Tour de South-Northern Swottolia (a legendary mountain race) on a bicycle he built while blindfolded.

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