Sniders are like spiders, but 20% worse.
They have 10 legs.
Like spiders, some are nice, and some are horrible if disturbed or threatened.
And like spiders, if left in peace, they leave you in peace.
Mind-Reading Scallywags are completely terrified of them.

Sniders, like spiders, make webs.

An extraordinary discovery was made in 2013 by the Head of the Snider Research Institute, Professor Trollop Codswollopp. When studying multiple webs, she realised that sniders actually communicate with each other via their webs, i.e. the webbing is like a telephone wire. Snidese (Snider language) has yet to be interpreted, but progress is being made.

Sniders are found all over the Moremi Forest, and their personality-type tends to mirror the terrain, i.e. sniders on the eastern border (near Swedhump Elementary) tend to be more friendly and benign, whereas those that come from the west, particularly the south-west, can be a little nasty.

A snider bite hurts for a few days and can become itchy. Rubbing smushroom juice on the wound can ease pain and itching.

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