Wobblethorpe (Mrs.)

Teaches: Bed-Jumping
Used to own the World’s Second-Most Amazing Hotel.
Has jumped on over 32,000 beds.

Little Weronika Wobblethorpe has hotels in her blood. Her parents were both in the hotel business. She was born in a hotel and grew up in a hotel (which is where she learnt to jump on beds so well). When her little friends all had regular doll houses, she had a doll hotel. All her clothes were hotel themed and her middle name is actually Hotel. Weronika Hotel Wobblethorpe. Can you believe it?

She had a puppy called Hotel, a cat called Hotel, and three goldfish all called Hotel. Every meal she ever ate until the age of 7 was delivered by room service. Every book in her bookshelf was either about a hotel, or written in a hotel. Every now and then, but VERY rarely, she’d read one about a motel. But only without her parents’ knowledge. And she’d hide these books in the back of the shelf.

Her favourite color was…hotel! It is actually a color. It’s an off-grey mixed with a hint of more grey, and a smidgen of beige. It’s really lovely.

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