Jeanjean-Jeanjean-Jeanjean Johnson

Twin sister of Jonjon-Jonjon-Jonjon Johnson. They’re always fighting.
Cries easily. And when she cries, you’d better RUN, or find a boat, kayak or pool floaty, because boy does she cry!

Jeanjean-Jeanjean-Jeanjean was initially going to be named Jenniferjennifer-Jenniferjennifer- Jenniferjennifer by her parents, but at the last moment they decided against it as Jeanjean-Jeanjean-Jeanjean’s mom’s name is actually Jenniferjennifer-Jenniferjennifer-Jenniferjennifer-Jenniferjennifer, and they didn’t want to cause any confusion.

They then decided they wanted to name her after her grandmother, i.e. Jenniferjennifer-Jenniferjennifer-Jenniferjennifer-Jenniferjennifer’s mom, Johannajohanna-Johannajohanna-Johannajohanna. If they’d done that, she would have been Johannajohanna-Johannajohanna-Johannajohanna junior, or Johannajohanna-Johannajohanna-Johannajohanna the 2nd. Jenniferjennifer-Jenniferjennifer-Jenniferjennifer-Jenniferjennifer’s dad, Johanesjohannes-Johanesjohannes-Johanesjohannes objected. He didn’t want his wife and his granddaughter to have the same name.

So they called her Jeanjean-Jeanjean-Jeanjean.

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