An Ear-Lobe-Transponder-34 is an earlobe-mounted mind-activated communications transponder. It operates at a frequency of 34 Hector-Shnassils, and comes in maximum pods of 12. Typical use is in pairs or trios. Example of paired use: Person A and B each have one. If person A wants to communicate with person B, all he or she needs to do is think of person B and mumble a pre-arranged password. This will immediately allow them to communicate as if through walkie-talkies or a field radio.
All the ELT34 communication codes are listed in the ELT34 Manual.

The numeric suffix denotes reception distance, but needs to be multiplied by a factor of 10. So for example, the ELT34 works for up to a distance of 340 miles. ELTs are available for distances up to 5,000 miles. But obviously the ELT500 will be more expensive than the ELT50. The battery on all ELTs lasts a lifetime and there have been no reported instances of malfunction, ever. It’s a highly reliable device.

ELTs are produced by Mgadigadi Technologies.

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