Code Beige

Part of the ELT34 international radio code. Means “Hold your position, we are coming”.
All the ELT34 codes are listed in the ELT34 Manual.
Other examples of codes:
Code maroon: “Dig a hole and hide in it!”
Code mauve: “You can come out of the hole now!”
Code avocado: “Would you like some guacamole?”

Famous incidents where Code Beige has been issued:

During the Volraad Conflagration of March 2014
Before the Serondella Assault of January 2015
During the Flemm-flemm Engagement of September 2016
After the Huffnoss Campaign of May 2018
Before the Calder-Kunkle Skirmish of July 2018
During the Ossewa Encounter of October 2020

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