Dash uses a wide range of drones for communications and surveillance. Most are equipped with infra-red, infra-green and infra-blue technology.

Other examples of drones used by Dash and friends include:

Butterfly-cam drones: Perfect for stealth surveillance.

Homework Retrieval drones: Ideal for going back to your house if you’ve left your homework behind.

Osteop Milking drones: If it’s raining or cold or you just couldn’t be bothered to go and milk your osteop, this very versatile drone can do it for you.

Shopping drones: A fantastic invention. Scan your shopping list into in and off it’ll go. Returns within 30 minutes with everything (provided you’ve instructed it correctly).

Sweeping/Rake drones: Low-hovering, these drones create precision wind-storms that can sweep a driveway or clear a surface of leaves in seconds. Great for yard work housekeeping.

Air-Freshener drones: Load your own fragrances into these clever gadgets, and they can make an entire classroom or home smell better in minutes.

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