Small, easily-deployed pocket camera-drone that is shaped like a butterfly.
Infra red, green, blue and purple technology enabled.
Return-to-base functionality.
Range of up to 25 miles.
Can be operated by remote control, or mind-control if pilot has a XS-42 micro chip embedded in their head.

The butterfly-cam-drone was developed by Grovenhopper Industries Inc., market-leaders in Insectulated Surveillance Technology (IST). CEO of the company is Dr. Cornelius Grovenhopper, one of the world’s leading entomologists (an expert in the branch of zoology concerned with insects). For his PhD. thesis, he spent 5 years living with a colony of crickets, dressed up as an actual cricket.

The first version of the butterfly-cam-drone was extremely expensive to develop, and sadly, on it’s first field-test, got eaten by Cornelius Grovehopper’s favourite pet frog, Archimedes.

The device was removed after surgery, during which Archimedes was under full anaesthetic for 7 hours. It was a very stressful time for Cornelius Grovenhopper, but we’re happy to say it needed well. Archimedes is alive and healthy to this day, and the drone was undamaged.

Other drone models on offer from Grovenhopper Industries Inc. include:

The Invizziz-cam-drone
The Grobsnot-cam-drone
The Vibrating Cockroach cam-drone

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