Desert-Quails are quails that live in deserts.
To stay cool, they spend most of the day underground, with just their heads sticking out. They have extendable necks.
Their eggs, known as deggs, are delicious.

Most desert-quails are red chested, i.e. red-chested desert-quails. They are the nice ones. They can be domesticated and bred, and some red-chested quail farms are world famous, such as Pasternok Farms & Hatchery.

Blue-chested desert-quails are the ones to be careful of. Very, very careful of. The are a lot less common that their red-chested brethren, but they are far less chill. In fact, they are downright super crazy-aggressive. In fact, they are carnivorous. They only eat meat. And fresh meat at that. If you see one, don’t just run. RUN!

Yellow-chested desert-quails are very relaxed and have beautiful singing voices.

Green-chested desert-quails are also quite chill, and love to dig. Their deggs are difficult to find, taste delicious and are highly sought-after.

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