Deggs are eggs laid by Desert-Quails. They are like chicken eggs, but better.

The main kinds are:
Fry deggs
Scramble deggs
Poach deggs
Hard-boil deggs

They come in 132 different flavors, activated by what kind of mood you’re in, and happens automatically. For example, if you’re in a bad mood, the degg will sense that, and become a flavor that cheers you up.

One of the best known Degg businesses is Pasternok Farms & Hatchery. Established by Vlodmorok Pasternok in 1884, the business is now run by his great, great, great, great grand-daughter, Honrietta Vlodmorokk, who is not only a famous desert-quail breeder, but also a highly-accomplished degg chef, not only with her own TV show, but her own TV channel called DeggTV (DTV). DTV shows continuous live-streaming from various cameras scattered around the farm and hatchery. Viewers can watch the quails being fed, laying actual deggs, roaming the extensive grounds, playing in the dedicated quail waterslide park (sponsored by The Aqualinia Corp.) and sleeping. Then there is extensive air time with celebrities cooking alongside Honrietta Vlodmorokk. Her most famous recipe is Deggs-a-la-masion-de-la-maison-de-la-Vlodmorokk. Unfortunately it is a secret recipe so we’re not in a position to give you any more info. Just to say, it’s totally, totally delicious.

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