World Face-Pulling Championship

The WFPC is an annual event held at the Uzbükkuu Zoo, that attracts the world’s top face-pullers, not only because of the prestige, but also because of the prize money.

1st prize = $12,000,000
2nd prize: $5,000,000
3rd prize: $12.75

List winners this century:
2000: Rodney the Ossifier
2001: Rodney the Ossifier
2002: Maureen Zhonst
2003: Shaila & Adan Gómez (tied 1st place)
2004: Cancelled due to a grobsnot infestation
2005: Heeza Nidyitt
2006: Ima Nidyitt (twin sister of Heeza)
2007: Humperdinck Swedgewidge-Holstein
2008: Wolraad Woltemaade
2009: Jezebela the Marauder
2010: Genevieve the Ossifier (cousin of Rodney the Ossifier)
2011: Humperdinck Swedgewidge-Holstein (again)
2012: Lara Leigh McFabulous
2013: Siena Rennie
2014: Mika Haberling
2015: Gabriel Tarrow
2016: Cancelled due to invizizz migration
2017: Tiaan Kloppers
2018: Maxwellian Wald
2019: Julian & Lukas Jammy (tied 1st place)
2020: Jamie el-Nagapie

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