A Warp-Vortex allows the warpee (owner) plus sub-warpee (passenger) to move from one place to another in a trilli-second. Warp-Vortexes are typically backpack-mounted. Pocket versions do exist but are quite expensive. Each Warp-Vortex has its own password, which the users will not share under any circumstances (so don’t even ask).

When doing a round-trip, the warpee uses the Input Nozzle to get there, and the Output Nozzle to return. Full Combat Extrication entails deploying the Warp-Vortex during actual combat.

The Warp-Vortex is actually a highly classified (top-secret) piece of equipment. Therefore we are not able to tell you who manufactures them. We are also not able to tell you how Dash and Rob got to have them. We might be able to tell you one day, and we promise we will when we can, but we can’t right now.

Other things we can’t tell you:

How Warp-Vortex technology works.
How Warp-Vortex maintenance works.
How Warp-Vortex repair works.
How many Warp-Vortexes there are in circulation, and who has them.

There have been several accidents as well as hilarious incidents involving Warp-Vortexes, but unfortunately the files are also classified, so we can’t even tell you about these.

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