A VVS-printer is a Very-Very-Small printer. Dash keeps one in his backpack at all times. When in off-mode, it is the size of a pea. When activated, it can enlarge to the size of a regular printer. A VVS-printer comes standard-issue with never-ending ink cartridges. A special kind of paper technology is used in the VVS. Very hard to describe how it works, but the main idea is it will never run out. It’s too complicated to explain in this Almanac, and you are not required to know it for testing purposes.

VVS-printers are manufactured by Rajak Industries.

One of the Rajak Industries scientists wanted to show his mother one of the early models, so took it with him on a flight. For reasons unknown it started printing mid-flight and he was unable to deactivate it. By the time the plane landed, the entire cabin was full to the roof with paper and the terrifying incident was even on TV. The scientist would have got into trouble if the police had known it was him, but he managed to slip away during the post-landing pandemonium.

But the next night, at his mom’s house, the same thing happened. While he and his mom were asleep the printer went off again, and by the time they awoke, tens of thousands of printouts were pouring out into the street. This time there was no slipping away from the authorities, and he was fined the mandatory penalty of $250 for “being in possession of an uncontrolled printer”.

Of course Rajak Industries paid the fine on his behalf, and resolved the problem by installing a Haddock-valve adjacent to the dual-fused filament duct, which now comes standard in all printers.

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