University of Snodd (UoS) System

The University of Snodd is a system of public research universities routinely ranked among the world’s best. Now serving over 8,700 students, the system offers something for everyone. Multiple UoS campuses offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate education.

Within the UoS system are the following:

[1] University of Inner-Scratchford
Head of Hammaphore Research: Professor Maria Yankel-Zog-Zoglio
Head of Snider Research Institute: Professor Trollop Codswollopp
Head of Advanced Advanced Chemistry: Dr. Cordelia Zeusaphone
Location: Inner-Scratchford

[2] University of Camford-Bogmarsh
Minerology: Dr. Florence Providence
Plumbing: Dr. Patrica Plumstead
Location: Camford-Bogmarsh

[3] Drakensberg Institute of Technology
Head of Ossicle Research: Professor Maria Pinsnoffian
Head of Transformer Research: Professor Jonovieve Bran-didd-tt
Head of Cycle Technology: Professor Benjaminimus Maximus
Location: Cathedral Peak

[4] Snoddford University
Specialises in waterslides, zip-lines & bungee-jumping
Location: West Snoddford

[5] Institute of Leopard-Crawling and other Stealth Ground Manoeuvres (ILCSGM)

Founded by Leonora & Wilford Schleswig-Wompelstein

Offers courses in:
LCWTAALITA (Leopard Crawling When There are Actual Leopards in the Area) manoeuvre
LCWTANALITA (Leopard Crawling When There are No Actual Leopards in the Area) manoeuvre
ALADTCTAD (Act Like a Duck to Confuse the Actual Ducks) manoeuvre
HUTCW (Hide under the Closest Wheelbarrow) manoeuvre.
UDOOMUSDC (Use and Deployment of Osteop Milk Udder Slings During Combat)

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