A twoaster is a toaster that takes 12 slices of bread.
The numbers on the eject dial refer to height in metres. So if you set it to 27, once done, the toast will fly at least 27 metres high.
Can be useful in combat situations.

Developed by Rajak Industries, the twoaster is a fantastic and versatile device.

On the Model-S, the heat functionality can re recalibrated for sock drying and for toe-warming. It can be tuned to negative heat (i.e. cold) to freeze things, like bread, or toast, or even socks.

The Model-3 boasts the much-talked-about full loaf process. The way it works is as follows:
Insert a full loaf of bread into the input duct. Once the hatch is shut, press the blue button. The entire loaf then gets instantly sliced and frozen. You then programme (using the khaki button) in how many pieces of toast you want and at what frequency, and the machine does the rest.

The Model-X is even more sophisticated. It has all the functionality of the Model-3, but with an extra feature. It actually bakes the bread for you. Pour all the ingredients into the input trough, press the mauve button, then press the blue button and then the khaki button.

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