A transformer is a HIGHLY technical device.
There are over 100 different types, and new models come out each year.
Dash currently uses a Chobey-2020 (this year’s model).

If you have FULL security clearance (Level 15c) we will be able to tell you more about them if you email us.

Dash’s transformer uses a RM66 high-voltage battery, which needs to be charged once a week. No more and no less. If charged more often than that, the transformer becomes too powerful, so for example, if overcharged, when trying to transform a cereal bowl into a watermelon, it could actually transform it into a hippopotamus, which would be funny, but probably not good. If charged less often than weekly, the transformer becomes too weak, so for example, if you were intending to transform a bicycle into a car, it might transform it into a wheelbarrow instead.

Transformers are the jewel-in-the-crown of Mgadigadi Technologies.

The Chief Inventions Officer of the company, Dr Jezebel Terracotta-Glandsmitten, has spent years of her career working on them. Her PhD. thesis was entitled “The Use of Multivariate Smollen Coagulant in Transformer Nano Technology”. It was appraised by the university’s Head of Transformer Research, Professor Jonovieve Bran-didd-tt. She received a first class appraisal, with Summa-Cum-Magna-Cum-Loud-Lauda-Loudest honorification.

Once Mgadigadi Thecnologies had perfected transformer production, Dr Jezebel Terracotta-Glandsmitten created the role of CTO (Chief Transformer Officer), and appointed Dr. Maudelin Hemscott-Scotterson to the position.

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