Tele-transfer is the mind-activated transmission of digital files between Cranio-cams. So for example, if Rob takes a photo with his Cranio-cam, and then wants to send the images to Dash (who also has an embedded Cranio-cam), all Rob needs to do is think about it, and the images automatically transfer to Dash’s Cranio-cam. Dash can then download them and see them as if they are on the table right in front of him.

Tele-transfer technology was developed by a collaboration between Savuti Technologies Inc. and Mgadigadi Technologies. This is because while Savuti Technologies Inc. specialise in optical and imaging products, Magadigadi Technologies has real expertise in communications implementation, especially in trans-mogrification. As you well know, tele-transfer involves the use of trans-mogrification corpuscles.

Tele-transfer, while useful, is not an imperfect communications tool. For example, during the testing process, one of the technicians took a photo of her cat, and then left her camera running all day by mistake. The following day, she decided to tele-transfer the photo to a colleague, but of course it was a huge file (i.e. a 12 hour film and not just a single photo). The recipient’s cranio-cam actually caught fire during the download process. Luckily she wasn’t burnt, but the smoke activated the fire alarm, and a dozen fire-hover-vehicles flew to the scene and it took Dr Jezebel Terracotta-Glandsmitten (Chief Inventions Officer of Magadigadi Technologies) over an hour to convince them to go back to base.

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