Stumpnose Elementary

Principal: Professor Inspector Josiah Stumpnose
Rival school to Swedhump Elementary.
Smells of sardines in some areas.
Most kids who attend this school are known to be:
[1] awful or
[2] rude or
[3] mean or
[4] or have terrible table manners
[5] or all of the above

Stumpnose Elementary is housed within the Stumpnose Family Sardine Processing Planet, which is near the site of the former urban sewerage works, which was decommissioned after a radioactive incident. The smell of the sewerage has never quite gone away.

The sardine Processing Plant and hence the school campus are downwind of and within earshot of the local aluminium smelter, which can get quite noisy at times since the 400 RX44 machines (those used to cut and smelt aluminium) are fairly loud. But luckily the school property is ringed by a 40 foot reinforced concrete wall, so not all the sound gets through. The smoke from the machines does come over the top, but it’s not a problem since most classrooms at Stumpnose Elementary are in the building’s basement labyrinth.

The water and slime seeping into the basement labyrinth classrooms is not a problem since each room has an excellent water and slime extrication pump system.

So all-in-all it’s a great school.

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