Staircase Moose

Friendly creatures that can be tamed and become very useful for assistance with climbing up things. Same lifespan as humans. The staircase is not there when born, and usually only starts growing once the moose reaches the teenage years. Large herds of them are found in the northern reaches of Moremi forest.

Staircase mooses (or meese) are highly social and community-motivated.

And if you’re wondering why the plural of moose is meese, well it’s the same as goose.

Goose – geese
Moose – meese

Though teamwork, staircase meese are able to access to the delicious foliage on Makataka trees, which normally are too tall for a single animal to reach. Typical foraging formation involves forage pods of 6. They form pyramids in a 3,2 configuration and then the sixth moose climbs to the top to eat. They then change positions and through multiple rotations, all get their fair share.

It is said that long ago staircase meese could fly and that vast flocks of them were seen over Moremi forest. Examination of domestic meese does reveal what look like tiny embedded wings, but it could just be a skin pattern.

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