Pickled-Cucumber building

The walls of this building are 3 feet thick and made of solid pickled cucumber sponge. Accordingly, it can withstand major explosive impact, intense pressure trauma and high magnitude vibrations. If there was going to be an earthquake, inside this building is where you’d want to be. The only downside is after more than 15 minutes inside it, you will smell of pickled cucumber for a while. The smell is actually not possible to wash off. It only comes off with time. Usually 8-10 days.

The building was designed by Sergio Swanepoel, renowned architect. He also designed the science building which is banana-shaped. Don’t ask why, because we have no idea. And once when asked why in an interview, Sergio Swanepoel said he too had no idea. So really, nobody knows.

No pickled cucumbers were killed in the making of the building. The cucumber sponge used in its construction was grown in thermo-culture astro-trough. The process results in the growth of large, vibration-absorbing, porous sheets of cucumber sponge. The sheets come out the same size as the troughs, i.e. 1 foot x 7 feet x 17 feet, roughly the size of a car if it was squashed flat to 1 foot high.

Eating the walls of the building is strictly forbidden. Collum Ollum once got sent home with a warning for trying.

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