Micro Modulated Shrinkulator (MMS)

Highly sophisticated device that shrinks things.
Only to be used if you have a Clearance Certificate which requires 3 months of training.
Once you shrink something with this, it cannot be undone.
We repeat, it CANNOT be undone.

The MMS was developed by Mgadigadi Technologies. Early versions used to enlarge things instead of shrink them. This resulted in the company having to build a bigger laboratory to accommodate the recently-enlarged equipment. This meant that, once the technology was corrected so that the device actually shrunk things, they had a huge working-space which gave them the freedom to expand their experimentation and operating capacity. This meant they could do a lot more development and testing and progress was rapid.

They suffered a major setback when their CSO (Chief Shrinkage Office) Dr. Maurice Canopy-Morrison accidentally shrunk the whole facility. It took a year to build a new laboratory and build new equipment.

Dr. Canopy-Morrison was fired (obvio) and went to live in the Foothills, where he started a S&nB (Sofa and no-Breakfast). It’s a bit like a B&B (Bed & Breakfast) except that guests have to sleep on the sofa and don’t get any breakfast. The breakfast they don’t get is actually really good, as Dr. Canopy-Morrison is a fantastic cook. Really. Ask his wife. Or his kids. But don’t ask his former colleague Sheila. She hated his cooking.

MMS training (and hence the Clearance Certificate) can be obtained from the Training Department of Mgadigadi Technologies. Submission documents can be downloaded from their website.

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