MB44 (freezer door cutter)

A MB44 is a device specifically made for cutting through freezer doors. Its blades are made of tungsten and titanium (very strong metals) and encrusted with razor-diamonds (really sharp diamonds).

Expensive device, but very useful if you happen to be trapped inside a freezer.
If you are likely to be in a freezer-trap situation, we’d suggest investing in one.

The waist-mounted versions usually come with a free holster.

There are head-mounted versions (the device sits on the top of your head), but they look ridiculous.

There are also elbow-mounted versions, but they restrict arm bending, so you’ll need to walk around with a straight arm, which also looks ridiculous.

There are nose-mounted versions, which are quite good. It looks a little odd with one mounted on your face, but does allow easy-access.

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