Grozint Sandwich

Grozint sandwiches are delicious. Really delicious. By law they have to have thirty ingredients or more. One of these has to be pickles. If they have no pickles, and/or too few ingredients, they cannot be classified as a Grozint by the GGCC (Global Grozint Certification Committee).

A food truck selling Grozint sandwiches once came to Swedhump Elementary and was very popular, but sadly just for a day. That’s because on the second day, an inspector from GCIIA (the Grozint Central International Inspection Agency) arrived unannounced and analysed the sandwiches, finding only 28 ingredients. The owner was immediately arrested, and was only released after he paid the customary one hundred and forty eight thousand dollar fine.

Typical ingredients: Butter, pickles, degg, emfleffle, smushroom, snorringe rind, dried snail, banana peel, tomato skin, hummus, cheese, spinach, avocado skin, carrot, potato, peach, apricot, sardine, cauliflower, lettuce, baked beans, coriander, Swed eyelash, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, ketchdown, onion, chutney, grasshopper, boiled cabbage, oak bark, ant nectar, pumpkin root, pickled Osteop toenail.

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