Glamorgan (Ms.)

On some days, especially if it has been raining, there appears to be a small pyramid growing out of the top of her head. Nobody is sure whether it is decorative or some kind of pointy pimple.

Ms. Glamorgan is a really famous swimmer and has won gold medals twice at the Olympics.
Once for the 99m elbowstroke and once for the 147m grinning-dolphin.

She is the only person to have swum the full length of the River Nile (4,132 miles) five times, and a different stroke each time:

2020 – Windmill-stroke
2019 – Snack-stroke
2018 – Sulkingduck-stroke
2017 – Confused-starfish-stroke
2016 – Cactus-balancing-stroke

Ms. Glamorgan lives on a large estate which boasts an Olympic-size swimming pool. She trains in it from 6-7 am before going to school, then from 6-7 pm before dinner, and then from 11pm till midnight before going to bed.

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