As the name suggests, these weapons freeze everything within 50 metres of the explosion.
The effect last exactly 15 minutes.

They can be really fun if you time them well.

A freeze-bomb explodes 2 seconds after its been thrown. So try time it just as someone is pouring a glass of water or about to jump into a pool. When the freeze effects wear off it can be really funny.

Freeze-bombs might look simple, but they are actually highly sophisticated devices. They don’t actually involve temperature in any way. Rather they generate F-waves, which are a kind of radio-electromagnetic-micro-vector-wave-multiplier. When activated, the F-waves interact with localized atmospheric conditions to produce what scientists call the Photo-Stop-Effect. Everything freezes as if it’s in a photograph. Otherwise described as an IPGE (Involuntary Pause-Game Effect).

The effect lasts exactly 15 minutes and is not at all dangerous in itself. Obviously it can result in a dangerous situation, so for example if you ware watching a woman juggle with fire-sticks, and then you throw a freeze-bomb, it’s not guaranteed to she’ll catch the fire-sticks once she unfreezes.

If the pins of two freeze bombs are pulled out simultaneously, the effect will last for 30 minutes (i.e. 2 x 15). The same goes for up to 12 freeze-bombs, i.e. the maximum freeze time due to simultaneous freeze-bomb activation is 180 minutes (i.e. 12 x 15), which is 3 hours (i.e. 180/60 = 3).

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