FiCTaP Mode

Acronym for Find Clues, Track and Pursue.

This is not classified as an actual combat move.

Regarded as a key asset which is why it is taught as a year-1 course at most academies for stealth operatives.

The sub-modes of FiCTAP Mode are as follows:

[1] FiC: Find Clues. Look for clues anywhere. Be creative and think differently. Don’t accept normal as normal. Fugitives aim to trick you.

[2] T: Track. Follow the clues, but be prepared for them to disappear or change. Good tracking involves patience and attention to detail. Having a snack with you also helps.

[3] P: Pursue. Three types:
* [a] Stealth Pursuit – Your prey does not know he/she/it is being followed.
* [b] Active Live Pursuit – Your prey has spotted you.
* [c] Confidential – sorry but we can’t give any details on this as you don’t have security-clearance 56/foxtrot.

FiCTaP mode was pioneered by Leonora & Wilford Schleswig-Wompelstein through their ILCSGM (Institute of Leopard-Crawling and other Stealth Ground Manoeuvres).

Leonora pioneered the LCWTAALITA (Leopard Crawling When There are Actual Leopards in the Area) manoeuvre, as well as LCWTANALITA (Leopard Crawling When There are No Actual Leopards in the Area) manoeuvre.

Wilford pioneered the ALADTCTAD (Act Like a Duck to Confuse the Actual Ducks) manoeuvre as well as the HUTCW (Hide under the Closest Wheelbarrow) manoeuvre.

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