Huge double-tailed black cat that for some reason always lands up on the wrong side of the law. Terrified of watermelons. Loves vegetables, especially carrots.

When Devil-Cat was a tiny baby, he was left alone in the nest while his mother went to a meeting. Their nest happened to be in a watermelon tree. There was an old over-ripe watermelon on a branch overhanging the nest, and unfortunately it looked somewhat like the face of an old leathery monster. Poor little devil-cat lay cowering in the nest for over 6 hours thinking he was about to be eaten by the monster. Ever since then, he’s been scared of watermelons.

Devil-Cat’s dad was strict and seemed to be constantly disappointed with his only son. Devil-cat’s mom and seventeen sisters were constantly doting and fussing over him. Researchers have not been sure why he turned to the dark side. Perhaps to please his father? Perhaps to escape from the cloying over-protectiveness of his mom and sisters?

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