Condensed Expandable Pocket Mirror (CEPM)

Small, concealable mirror that expands on deployment. Can be used to repel enemy beams (like mind-reading beams, or melt-beams). Can also be used for
communication, for starting fires, and as an actual mirror.

CEPMs are manufactured by Savuti Technologies Inc., widely known for their optical and imaging products.

Their products include mirrors, cameras, camera lenses, binoculars, trinoculars, microscopes, macroscopes, ophthalmic lenses, nostril lenses, measurement instruments, telescopes, and the snitt-wort-vessicles used in the photo-ostroghothic steps of semiconductor fabrication.

Savuti Technologies has a massive research laboratory, and spends large amounts of money on safety testing. This is necessary because releasing faulty expandable mirrors onto the marketplace would be extremely irresponsible.

The CEO of Savuti Technologies, Tiu de Haan, once had a CEPM accidentally expand in her handbag during a live TV interview. The contents of her handbag exploded onto the stage and it was pretty embarrassing. Since then, all CEPMs come in a sheath made of Krypto-fibres. Pretty much a regular sheath that’s covered in concrete-tape.

Savuti Technologies also makes things that let you see through walls. They are called windows.

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