Businesses & Companies

Mgadigadi Technologies
Transformation, trans-mogrification, trans-groffication and communications

Rajak Industries
Weird Random Stuff

Savuti Technologies Inc.
Optical and imaging products (cameras, light-beams etc.)

Pandamatenga Industries
Vehicles (land-based/subterranean and amphibious)

G & J Tarrow Siblings Inc.
Triplocopters, dirigibles and other things that fly

Jammy Aeronautics & Mole-ifactory Technologies Unincorporated Corp. Ltd.

Grovenhopper Industries Inc.
Butterfly-cam-drone, Invizizz-cam-drone, Grobsnot-cam-drone, Vibrating Cockroach cam-drone

Hansen & Johnson
Concrete tape, Aqua suit

Siena Industries Corporation

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