Aqualine (Ms.)

Entrepreneur and adventurer.
Owner of Aqualinia Waterpark which neighbors the Sniffsonian Museum.

Andrea Aqualine has always loved waterslides. When she was just 3 years old she built one from the her 2nd floor bedroom down to the pool. He parents were not happy. When she was 4 she built another one that went from the roof. Her parents were still not happy. When she was 5, she entered a waterslide idea into the World Waterslide Ideas Championships and won first prize, which was a million dollars, which she invested. Her parents this time were very happy.

After graduating from high school as Valedictorian (highest academic achievements of the class) and Waterslideorium (highest waterslide achievements of the class), she won a scholarship to do a MWA (Masters in Waterslide Actualisation) at Snoddford University, probably the best waterslide institution in the nation, if not the world. She came top of her class. Upon graduation, she sold her investments (which had trebled in value), and used the money to build Aqualinia.

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