Noncyles are nine-wheeled bicycles.
They’re fun to ride, fast and very stable, especially over rough terrain.
The nonclycle is Ms. Greenacre’s preferred mode of ground transport.
She purchased hers from Darwin Cycles.
Runs so smoothly that it is believed it was actually built and tested by Humperdermus Ibis himself.

In case you’re wondering, this is the naming system:

Number: Greek (Latin) *cycle
1: mono- (uni-) unicyle
2: duo-/di- (duo-/bi-) bicycle
3: tri- (tri-) tricycle
4: tetra- (quad-) quadcycle
5: penta- (quint-) pentacycle
6: hex- (sex-) hexacyle
7: hept- (sept-) heptacycle
8: oct- (oct-) octocycle
9: ennea- (non-) noncycle
10: dec- (dec-) decicycle

The noncycle is not only equipped with terrain and gradient adjustment technology (a “brain”), it also has a highly sophisticated digital nose, that gives is predictive powers. This is what makes it so special. Let us explain:

The Brain – terrain and gradient adjustment technology: This is like a brain that senses when the terrain has changed (e.g. from smooth to bumpy) or the gradient has changed (uphill, flat, downhill) and reconfigures the wheel configuration.

The Nose – prediction technology: This allows the noncycle to smell future weather conditions, terrain conditions, gradient conditions, and behaviour of competitors. It is a highly-sophisticated piece of equipment that is almost impossible for us to describe in under 100 pages. We can tell you however that it was developed by Darwin Cycles in consultation with Savuti Technologies Inc., Mgadigadi Technologies AND Mr. Rosebank himself.