Transponder Tracking Device (TTD)

Dash and Rob always carry micro versions of these.
They allow them to find each other in emergencies – provided the device has been activated.
So for example, if Rob gets captured but is unable to activate his TDD, Rob won’t receive a signal.

The device was developed and manufactured by Mgadigadi Technologies and contains state-of-the-art satellite-geo-vector techmology. Techmology is more powerful than technology because the letter n is replaced by the letter m. If you just look at it, the letter m is basically the letter n stuck next to another letter n. This is why techmology is almost exactly twice as powerful as technology.

The micro versions of the TDD that Dash, Rob and Greta carry are tiny – one quarter the size of a pea, or one eightieth the size of a golf ball, or one one-millionth the size of a thing a million times the size of a micro TDD.

The range of the device is 127 miles, and the battery lasts forever. It works perfectly, under water, under slime, under mud and underground, and the signal cannot be distorted or interrupted by radar or microwaves.

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