Book Contents

Book 1 – Monday: The Cave of Thieves

Chapter 1: Before Breakfast
Attacked by: 3 Wrestle-Scallywags, Devil-Cat

Chapter 2: Vegetables
Teacher: Mrs. Hogmanny-Hog-Mahomm

Chapter 3: PE (Wobble Ball)
Teacher: Mr. Grodzinski

Chapter 4: Math
Teacher: Mr. Darling

Chapter 5: Science
Teacher: Mrs. Tadros

Chapter 6: English
Teacher: Mrs. Belch-Hick

Chapter 7: Paper Airplanes
Teacher: Mr. Hogsbottom

Book 2 – Tuesday: The Curse of the Blue Spots

Chapter 1: Before Breakfast
Attacked by: 3 Mind-Reading-Scallywags, Snarling Jetpack-Hog

Chapter 2: Face Pulling
Teacher: Mrs. Zhonst

Chapter 3: Art
Teacher: Ms. Woodhouse

Chapter 4: First Aid
Teacher: Dr. Williams

Chapter 5: Plumbing
Teacher: Mr. Plumtree

Chapter 6: Dance
Teacher: Mr. Proudfoot

Chapter 7: Bicycle-building
Teacher: Mr. Ibis

Book 3 – Wednesday: The Forest of Secrets

Chapter 1: Before Breakfast
Attacked by: 5 Forest-Scallywags & an Umbahorra

Chapter 2: Bed-Jumping
Teacher: Mrs. Wobblethorpe

Chapter 3: Zip-lining
Teacher: Ms. Greenacre

Chapter 4: Really Boring Class
Teacher: Mr. McYawn

Chapter 5: History
Teacher: Mrs. Ozniak

Chapter 6: Library (cancelled)
Teacher: Ms. Grimstead

Chapter 7: Potted-Plant Balancing
Teacher: Mr Steadyneck

Chapter 8: The Fight

Book 4 – Thursday: Cleopatra’s Waterslide

Chapter 1: Before Breakfast
Attacked by: 7 Forest-Scallywags & Vibrating Cockroach of Awfulness

Chapter 2: Assembly
With Henry the Staircase-moose, Mrs. Rosebank & Ms. Aqualine

Chapter 3: Pause! Game
Teacher: Mr. Rrr-Tökk-Tökk

Chapter 4: Hole-Digging
Teacher: Mr. Nomsa-Nomsa-Nomsa

Chapter 5: Egyptology
Teacher: Ms. Gomph

Chapter 6: Library (cancelled) – visit to the Sniffsonian
Guide: Mr. Sniffy

Chapter 7: Waterslide
Teacher: Ms. Glissicle

Chapter 8: Library (cancelled)
Teacher: Ms. Grimstead

Chapter 9: The Chase

Chapter 10: The Winner

Book 5 – Friday: Total Ice Cream Meltdown

Chapter 1: Before Breakfast
Attacked by: Ice-Scallywags & a Nose

Chapter 2: Library (cancelled)
Ice Cream Machine (ICM) demonstration in ICM hangar
Teacher: Mr. Rosebank

Chapter 3: Annoying
Teacher: Ms. M’Punn-Dinn-Gurry

Chapter 4: Highly Irritating
Teacher: Mr. Ghogghh

Chapter 5: Cooking
Teacher: Homputer 44573X

Chapter 6: Ceiling Throw
Teacher: Mr. Stinson

Chapter 7: Library Again
Teacher: Ms. Grimstead

Chapter 8: Kaza-kazaboom!

Chapter 9: The End of the Week