Shereena Aska-Lonka

Very quiet.
Brilliant Face-Puller.
Mysterious & enigmatic.

Shereena is not a loud person. In fact, sometimes it’s almost as if she is not there. She also doesn’t reveal much about herself. Her slight air of mystery actually makes her more interesting.

Shereena is quiet because her parents are loud. VERY LOUD! They are both extremely famous opera singers. Her mother, Bianca Aska-Lonka sang at the Royal Court of King Edmond the Gurkk. Her father, Lucio Aska-Lonka, sang at the court of Queen Jezebel of South-Northern Swottolia. They are close friends of Mr. Plumtree, and he is actually Shereena’s godfather (although she hasn’t told anyone).

Shereena’s parents have two unfortunate habits:

[1] They are ALWAYS in their zebra-striped dressing gowns, even when they go out to the shops or for a walk in the park, [2] they sing sentences to each other, instead of talking normally.

This is quite hard for Shereena so she spends a lot of quiet time in her bedroom, reading or playing with John-Winston, her beloved pet gramster.

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