SPIN Radio

A SPIN Radio (Secure Police Interface Neo-mogrifier) lets the user communicate directly with International Police Headquarters. Very few exist and only-highly trained experts are allowed to use them. It folds up to the size of a small pea. Rob Newman usually has one with him.

SPIN radios are manufactured by Mgadigadi Technologies, but their dialling mechanism is outsourced to Rajak Industries for reasons that we can’t go in to right now.

When activated, the SPIN radio’s neo-mogrifier automatically picks up the frequency of the closest International Police HQ transponder, which then activates a nossle-activator within the network palisade, which in turn activates the corpuscle-twerp in the interface itself. This, as you well know, is what facilitates the multi-co-linearity of the system itself.

Rob Newman is known for having achieved the highest score ever on the SAT (SPIN Assessment Test), and has the trophy atop his ant farm in his bedroom.

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