Mechanised library chair.
Only two known to exist.
One is owned by Ms. Grimstead.
The other was formerly owned by King Edmond the Gurkk, but it got stolen. Its whereabouts are completely unknown. Sadly.
Manufactured under license (from Mr. Rosebank) by Pandamatenga Industries

Ms. Grimstead actually purchased hers from the CGO (Chief Gasket Officer) of Pandamatenga Industries, Orink Haplinn, himself. Mr. Haplinn had it for personal use in his own private library. The library was well known because of its rooftop pool, that was open to the public. But one day, during routine maintenance, the pool wall ruptured and the library was flooded. So he reluctantly sold the P’tonk-45.

Ms. Grimstead once did a one month road-trip on it. She hated the entire journey, but it was the best month of her lump’s life. The lump went on to narrate a journal about it, transcribed by Mrs. Belch-Hick, which became a bestseller. Ms. Grimstead refused to purchase it.

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