Like goldfish, but a different color. Pink actually.
Very tame when happy, but when bored can be aggressive and bite like pirañas.
Need constant attention, i.e. have to be walked, entertained, read to before bed etc…
Some rich pinkfish actually have their own walk-bowls.
Walk-bowls are bowls that can walk, in case you were wondering.

Pinkfish are freshwater fish, and originate from lake iWalam. Monkey Bay is particularly well-known for large schools, and the local hatchery, run by Mr. Stevens, exports worldwide.

Pinkfish are always the same color and are more intelligent and more valuable than other fish. If someone tries to sell you a pinkfish that is not pink, don’t buy it, because it’s not a pinkfish. So for example, if it’s yellow, it’s not a pinkfish, but a yellowfish.

The criminal family, the Vena Cavas of Inner-Volgrogia, once set up a massive pinkfish fraud operation. They discovered that if you feed regular goldfish strawberry ice cream for at least 2 years, the goldfish start to turn pink. A number of high-profile people were tricked before the scam was uncovered, and the entire Vena Cava family went to prison, initially in Inner-Volgrogia, but after bad behaviour were transferred to Witch-nose Island, where they remain to this day.

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