Ozniak (Mrs.)

Teaches: History
She is so knowledgeable that people believe she is actually a time-traveller. Her recollections of historical events are almost first-hand, as if she had been there herself.
There are rumours that she had a cup of tea on top of the pyramid in Giza the day after it was finished, a cup of coffee on the Titanic, and a cup of chock-hotlit (similar to hot chocolate, but better) on the summit of Everest with Hilary and Tensing in 1953.

Mrs. Ozniak loves hot beverages. At home she has a large collection of coffee, tea and chot-hotlitt making-machines from around the world. On every trip she goes on, she returns with a new machine. She has so many in fact, that she has build a separate storage emporium in her back yard. It contains over 5,000 machines, all in perfect working order.

Since she lives right next to the school, the emporium is open to all kids and staff-members of Swedhump Elementary, and it’s a popular after-school hangout. The only condition is that if you spill anything, you have to clear it up with the tissues provided.

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