Snolly Juice

Snolly juice is the perfect accompaniment to snorridge.

Its name is actually an acronym for the ingredients.

SNO: Snow
L: Lemon juice
L: Linguini
Y: Yoghurt

Snolly juice was first developed by nomadic tribes in the North-Eastern Tundra-lands, but gradually made its way down south, where it is enjoyed in many households, including Dash’s. After mixing, the tribesmen and women would carry it in ankle-mounted pouches, with straws up to their mouths. Being ankle-mounted, when they walked the juice would constantly be churned hence preventing the snow from freezing. This would also allow them free arm movement for combat, since as you know, there’s a real problem with Ice-Scallywags up there.

There is a sub-format of snolly juice that uses lasagne instead of linguine, but its use is frowned-upon by purists (also known as originalists).