An Invizizz is a type of stinging insect. If it stings you, the part of you that got stung goes invisible briefly, for an hour or so. If you get stung by several, you might go completely invisible, temporarily. It is believed that if you get stung by a swarm of over 1,000, you could go invisible forever. It is rumored that this is what happened to the Principal of Swedhump Elementary, Mrs. Rosebank.

The Invizizz Migration is a bi-annual event.

Invizizzes cannot be tamed, bred or farmed. A chap by the name of Walter Smellendrink once tried to capture and tame a swarm that happened to be passing by his tractor shed. He hasn’t been seen since.

It is believed that Mr. Rosebank, a leading expert on invisibility, has used invizizz serum in his experiments. He is very interested in developing an antidote for invizizz stings because of what happened to his wife, or is rumoured to have happened to his wife.

Nobody knows exactly where invizizzes come from, but it is believed it’s somewhere deep in the Moremi Forest. Invizizzes and Grobsnots, while not enemies, are not good friends. They maintain cordial relations but you tend not to find them in the same areas.