Replicates (or doubles) something if you zap it.
So for example, if you have just one slice of pizzup, but you want two, just zap it.

The dublifyer has a de-dublify button too. So for example, if you create a copy of yourself to attend a boring lesson for you, but then the lesson ends early, and you don’t want a second version of yourself running around, you can easily de-dublify it.

You can create multiple versions of someone or something by repeatedly pressing the dublify button. But be careful when doing this as it can result in unwanted circumstances.

Dublifiers and manufactured by Mgadigadi Technologies. This highly secretive company has a large underground testing facility believed to be somewhere in the foothills of The Foothills. They specialise in highly advanced transformation, transmogrification and transgroffication devices. They also make communication devices.

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