Marine Snofftology Week

Each class at Swedhump Elementary goes on a 1 week marine trip every year. Involves travel by boat (HMS Snod-Bucket), submarine and a stay at the legendary Angel Island Hotel. Everyone looks forward to it.

The word Snofftology has unknown origins. Nobody even know what it means. How it got into the description of the marine trip is unknown. If you can shed any light on it, Mrs. Rosebank offers a $8,000 prize. But your sources need to be verified.

The week is divided into several snodules.

The compulsory snodules are:

The study of fish (ichthyology)
The study of marine plants
The study of marine mammals
Weather systems

The optional snodules are:

How to be annoying while snorkelling with someone
How to befriend a crab and scare people with it
Underwater laser communications
How to give someone cabin-fever
How to pretend to be sea-sick
How to get the top-bunk
Palm-tree climbing